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Cancer profiles that characterize the cancer burden in a standardized method, the action, the integration of cancer to motivate to expose tax hours of monitoring, fields and demographic groups, and differences in the health of the State. Emphasis is placed on sites control interventions with cancer. Graphics and interactive maps you support to help you decide where to focus in the fight against cancer. Profiles of Cancer States is an instrument for fight against cancer Portal P.L.A.N.E.T., offers access to the resources on the Web. Most of the tumors is curable, if detected and treated in the early stages. The prognosis for a cancer patient depends on many factors, including the type of cancer, patients who did the stage of the cancer, the degree, the metastasis and the aggressiveness of the cancer. Also the age of the patient, general State of health and the effectiveness of treatment also important factors are followed. ) and blood tests can detect these tumor markers. With few exceptions closely tumor markers are not used, but for routine cancer screening because non-cancerous conditions lead to positive results. Identification of monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment or after illness and disease are generally blood tests. . Some potentially dangerous tumors appear first in the form of changes without danger in the tissues of the body. The danger lies in the fact that these changes are a tendency to Maligne from here, they called. Laboratory studies can detect abnormalities (cytology of sputum) discharge, blood, urine, and feces that indicate cancer. Sputum cytology is considered a test where the lung mucus cough is microscopic. It is often used to detect lung cancer. A blood test for cancer is easy to do, usually cheap and risk-free. Blood sample from a doctor or a laboratory technician by inserting a needle into the vein and is relatively painless. Blood tests may be specific or non-specific. Often, in some tumors release specific proteins of cancer cell (phone calls, in which molecular probes are used to identify mutations in certain genes, related to specific types of cancer. Currently, however, there are many restrictions on genetic testing and its usefulness seems unclear, stressed the need to develop the best strategies for early detection. the doctor can see the front part of the neck to swell. Gently, you can manipulate the neck and feel the surface front and side of the thyroid gland (located at the base of the neck), to detect any lumps or tenderness. During the physical examination, the doctor feel lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and in the groin area. Many cancers and diseases cause swelling of the lymph nodes. Oncogenes can permanently affect the ability of the cells to the control of cell growth. The cellular genetic damage can be caused by carcinogens. Cancer cells from normal cells lines can become. The radiation is supposed to cause 1-2% of all cancer deaths. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun represents the majority of Melanoma deaths. Other radiation sources include x-rays, ionizing radiation and radon gas from nuclear radiation. Cancer is a disease of the genes, by definition. A gene is a small part of the DNA, which is the most important molecule in the cell. The proteins that are the workhorses of cells make genes. It is these proteins that allow that our bodies are all processes that make it possible of breathe you, thought, movement, etc., are tumors of the epithelium (the layer of cells in this row on the surface of the body and cover several glands and internal organs) occur. Ninety percent of human cancers fall into this category. Cancers can be divided into two types: squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinomas are tumors to develop, while cancers are squamous cells in an organ or Gland Tumors, the originally from the skin. Tumors are of two types of benign or malignant. A benign tumor is not cancer. Slower growth, disseminate or penetrate into surrounding tissues and retired once not usually reproduce. A malignant tumor is a cancer. It penetrates into surrounding tissues and spread to other parts of the body. When the cancer cells in the tissue surrounding, are widespread even after the removal of the malignant tumor, often repeated. Diagnostic purposes. The most comprehensive tool for the diagnosis of cancer is a biopsy. Sometimes profile possible by inserting a needle through the skin. Sometimes, however, the only way to get a sample of tissue for biopsy is a surgical procedure to perform. There is no evidence to indicate that certain operational risks represent 4% of all cancer deaths. For example, asbestos workers have an increased incidence of lung cancer. In addition, do you prefer to receive. 2 large group malicious neoplastic disease characterized by the presence of malignant cells. Cancer is synonym of nature, the site or the clinical evolution of the lesion. The basis of cancer believes changes in DNA (genes), are usually on different loci, but several possible causes are detected. More than 80% of cancers are attributable to smoking and exposure to chemical carcinogens, ionizing and ultraviolet radiation. Many viruses cause malignant tumours in animals; an infectious cause is likely, in some human tumors and ADJ, waxy Wo can.The term cancer includes a group in which there is a transformation of the body's normal cells in malignant diseases. This is probably a change in the genetic material of cells, sour deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). (among men). Cancer of the kidneys, ovaries, uterus, pancreas, bladder, rectum and cancer of the lymph nodes (leukemias and lymphomas) and blood will affect also the 12 types of major cancer, most Americans. During the 20 years scientists have received evidence for it before, as viruses, bacteria or parasites caused by about 15% of cancer deaths in the world. Pathogens, cancer and tumors, the most common shareholders are indicated in table form. Some types of cancer, particularly of the breast, colon, ovarian cancer and cervix are repeated from generation to generation in some families. Some types of cancer, as the follow-up. Warning way signs is recommended in addition to the systematic studies to diagnose medical care, a cancer at the early stage of neoplasia, examination of conscience and knowledge of in the first stages of the laity can participate, to detect at an early stage.Monthly self-examination. During the life of your body cells grow, divide and replace it yourself. Many genes produce proteins involved in the control of growth and Division. A change (mutation) of the DNA molecule can modify genes and produce defective proteins. This causes the abnormal cells and lose their restrictions on growth. The abnormal cell begins to divide uncontrollably and eventually new form of growth called tumour or neoplasia (cancer medical term means new growth). Although there are hundreds of different types of cancer, produce very different symptoms, the ACS has established seven symptoms and possible signs of cancer. Because cancer cells multiply, the mass of abnormal tissue rises to make the ulcer and shed cells that transmit the disease begins locally or at remote sites. This migration is called metastasis. Some cells invade many tissues, destroy and move the normal cells have their place. Others will come with the blood and lymph vessels along the River towards other parts of the body. Otherwise disseminated malignancy is by inserting a body cavity and come into contact with a healthy body. The main risk factors for cancer are: tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, sexual and reproductive behaviour, infectious diseases, family history, employment, environment and pollution. Hormone therapy is the standard treatment for certain types of hormone-dependent cancers, and they grow faster in the presence of certain hormones. It's the uterus, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Hormone therapy is to block the production or action of these hormones. As a result, be reduced tumor growth and extends the survival of several months or years. Cancer is a progressive disease and goes through several phases. Each phase can cause a range of symptoms. Some of the symptoms early on, as well as by a tumor growing within an organ or gland. As the tumor grows, you can press the surrounding nerves, organs and blood vessels. So. Showed also a factor in tumors of the respiratory tract, esophagus, larynx, bladder, pancreas and likely, liver, stomach, chest and kidneys also. Recently, scientists have also shown that second hand smoke (or passive smoking) may increase the risk of cancer. and its metabolites, which showed that they act as a promoter of tumours in laboratory animals. Colorectal cancer patients often have high concentrations of bile acid metabolites in humans. Different populations around the world have shown that colorectal cancer is more prevalent among groups, to eat large amounts of fat and very little fiber. The American Cancer Society recommends a diet low in fat, high in fiber for Americans. the targeted use of hormones for therapeutic purposes can also reduce the frequency of certain types of cancer. The generalization of. Many different specialists often work as a team for the treatment of patients with cancer. An oncologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of cancer. The oncologist provides a chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other non-surgical treatments, in which no radiation. The oncologist has often serves as the primary care physician and coordinates the patient treatment plan. in conjunction with smoking, increases the risk for cancer of the larynx, esophagus and Mund.Ausgewogene nutrition is also important in the prevention of cancer. Certain foods and food additives contain specific carcinogens. Malnutrition can reduce resistance and increase the risk of some types of cancer. The decline in the incidence of cancer of the stomach in Western countries may be the result of an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables, da is linked to vitamin B with dye, rubber and gas workers; Cancer of the lung and skin with foundries, miners and workers of arsenic; Leukemia with glue and paint workers; Cancer of the liver with PVC manufacturers; and cancer of the lung, bone and bone marrow with radiologists and uranium miners. no doubt somewhere you play in their ability to stop the growth of cancer cells. Some think that many small cancers during his life to develop, but no clinical symptoms do develop the majority of the people, because their defenses to malignant cells destroy and prevent their Replikation.Onkologen to get one account all factors ecological, biological and hereditary important in the pathogenesis of the role of cancer (see table). He believes that he at least 50 per cent and perhaps in some species, like 80 percent of all cancer is environmental causes. For example, the cigarette. The treatment aims to eliminate all or part of the tumour as possible in order to prevent the occurrence or spread of the primary tumor. The drafting of a plan of treatment for the cancer, the chances of cure cancer against the side effects of the treatment should be weighed. If the tumor is very aggressive and a cure is not possible, a treatment for the relief of discomfort and the fight against cancer should be as much as possible. The term cancer includes a group in which there is a transformation of the body's normal cells in malignant diseases. This is probably a change in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the genetic material of cells, perhaps defective repair of damage to cells caused by carcinogens or radiation. Modified cells transferred enough genetic information to their offspring and the cells begin to proliferate abnormally and destructive. Normally, the cells of the body, the fabrics are regularly to new developments, which will be replaced complete, replace cells; new forms of cells to repair tissue damage and leaf shape, when healing is complete. Why stop doing, this is clearly the process of body, not known, which regulate the cell normal growth. ? Cell growth is regulated in cancer. ) it is known that it be linked to the increase in the incidence of cancer of the stomach.Studies have shown a relationship between obesity and cancer and excessive dietary, especially the consumption of large quantities of fat and certain types of cancer. In general, women are overweight are at an increased risk of cancer of the endometrium, gall bladder and kidneys. Tumors, are related to high consumption of fat, with or without obesity, the effect on the breast, ovary, endometrium, prostate, colon and pancreas. Although saturated unsaturated or carcinogens themselves affect the endocrine system and influence system hormonal activity. The relationship between the consumption of fat in colorectal cancer is probably due to the effect of. Surgery is visible most frequently used the removal of the treatment of tumors and cancer. It is most effective when the cancer is small and confined to an area of the body. It is recommended for all men, occult blood test, a symptom of colon cancer is self-administered by especially another imaging technique in the group the most risk of testicular cancer, the age between 15 and 34 Jahren.Einem. To do this, that only a smear of feces in a film, which will be sent for analysis to a laboratory must be applied. To avoid a false positive reading, the person who is participating in the review is attributed, about consumption of meat and other foods that may interfere with the results of specific tests. Bacteria probably cause cancer of the stomach. Excessive rate of malignant tumors in recipients of organ transplants after immunosuppressive therapy shows that the immune system plays an important role in the control of cell proliferation of anaplastic prosthetics. The presence of different types of cancer vary according to sex, age, ethnicity and geographic location. Cancer is only to heart disease as a cause of mortality in the United States and the leading cause of death among children aged 3 to 14 years. In the United States, are the themes for the development of malignant tumors of the skin, lung, prostate, breast and colon. Surgery is the main form of treatment, but irradiation is widely used as a preoperative, postoperative, or primary; often, chemotherapy with one or more anti-cancer agents, is very effective. Malicious injuries can be treated if detected early enough. Treatment and prevention of cancer remains in the focus of much research. In 2003 research new treatments for cancer, including Cancertargeting. If your doctor detects an anomaly in the physical examination, or if the patient has symptoms that might indicate cancer, your doctor may order diagnostic tests. Some foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals are expected to provide protection against various types of cancer. But having the isolation of the different components of fruits and vegetables against cancer agents turned out to be difficult. In laboratory studies. The most comprehensive diagnostic test is the biopsy, in which a piece of tissue for microscopic examination has been removed surgically. Further confirmation of the cancer, the biopsy offering information on the type of cancer, came to the scene, the aggressiveness of the cancer and its spread. Because a biopsy provides a more detailed analysis, is considered the gold standard for diagnostic tests. Many other diseases besides cancer, could produce the same symptoms. However, it is important to have these symptoms, as soon as possible, in particular, if they are changed. The most likely is a cancer diagnosed and treated, the more the chance of cure. Several types of cancers such as breast cancer soon may have no symptoms. It is therefore important to undergo some routine tests such as mammograms, breast self-exams. • Cancer/ch EC / (kan si ser) is a neoplastic disease, than the natural course which is deadly. In contrast to the benign tumor cells, cancer cells exhibit the characteristics of invasion and metastasis and highly anaplastic. The term includes two main categories of carcinoma and Sarcoma, but waxy agreement is often as a synonym for former.can. Causes. It is doubtful that a process in the etiology of cancers is involved. The exact cause for the transformation of normal cells into cancer is not yet fully understood. An important factor is the constant change in the cell, the DNA, which is passed on to successive generations, but we don't know what triggers the change in the structure of DNA and why succumb to some people, the cancer and other are not. Mobile network. Some drugs currently used to treat, may be suitable also for prevention. For example, the drug tamoxifen (Nolvadex), which was very effective against cancer, has been tested by the national Cancer Institute for its ability to prevent cancer. Retinoids are also that derived from vitamin A for their ability to slow the progression or prevent that have been tested for cancer of the head and neck. Some studies have shown that the cancer incidence lower in areas where the soil and foods rich in this mineral selenium. Further studies are needed to explain this fascinating connections. Cancer; Several types of malignant tumour or neoplasm patients discussion signs hypercalcemia (invasion of the local fabric), the formation of metastasis and recurrence after apparent cure against cancer. Treatment. Treatment of cancer with surgery is the removal of the tumor to cure the disease. Usually, this occurs if the tumor is located in an inconspicuous area. As well as cancer, part of the surrounding normal tissue is also removed to ensure that cancer cells in the region remain. Because the cancer spreads through the lymphatic system, usually adjacent lymph can be examined and sometimes removed. According to nutritionists and epidemiologists at the major universities of the United States, a person can reduce the chances of getting cancer by a few simple guidelines: Cancer Pain has not been clinically tested, many cancer patients are safe and useful. Therapies like massage of the body and. In addition, on the advice of doctors to refrain from, certain activities or drugs that are proved to be of risk factors for several types of cancer, helps reduce the risk. For example, although doctors a slight increase in risk was associated with the use of the breast replacement therapy who, issued an initial survey in 2003 showed that the risk was higher than expected. The women's health initiative found that even relatively short-term use of HRT one risk increased breast cancer diagnosed at a more advanced stage of the disease and is associated with a greater number of mammogram. Another woman uses HRT, as well as their increased risk. A new revolution in molecular biology and genetics of cancer performed several tests that much to development, to assess the risk of cancer. Include these new techniques. prescribed for the relief of symptoms of menopause to cancer in women who work has. It will relieve recommended, possible, data from the minimal therapeutic dose. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are difficult to detect and which circulate in the body. Chemotherapy drugs can be taken orally (by mouth) or intravenously and can the two administered alone or in combination with surgery or radiation. . Transformed cell lines have the ability to transform into malignant tumours. Recognizable by the cells transformed by other features that have changed, the antigenicity, contact decreased inhibition, decreased grow certain nutrients and suspension capacity requirements. Inappropriate, genetic information transferred their modified seed cells and begin to proliferate abnormally and destructive. Normally reproducing cells used regularly to replace fixed tissue damage and to facilitate growth in the years of development. After that these processes have taken place, answer cell proliferation. Clearly, the body in its normal processes of cell growth in a settlement in an orderly manner. Cancer, it does y no regulation and cell proliferation and growth is enfoirée. The dangers of cancer with this chaotic reproduction of malignant cells are connected to the mass of abnormal tissue, while cells multiply, cancer continues to increase, ulcer and cells that transmit the disease begins locally or at remote sites. This migration is called. A procedure where the doctor removes tissue reduction surgery is both possible cancer, then this is the rest of the area. Immunotherapy uses its own immune system to destroy cancer cells. This form of treatment is being studied in clinical trials and is not yet widely available for most cancer patients. Various immunological agents be tested substances produced by the body (e.g. interferons, interleukins and growth factors), monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines. Unlike conventional vaccines, cancer vaccines prevent cancer. Instead, people are already manage the disease. Œuvres of vaccine cancer by stimulating the immune system and immune cells specifically destroy cancer cells through training. . Sarcomas are mesenchymal origin and in tissues such as bones and muscles affect; They tend to grow quickly and be very destructive. Cancers are epithelial in origin and represents the vast majority of glandular cancer and cancers of the breast, stomach, uterus, skin and language. Cell type affect the appearance, growth rate and the degree of malignancy. Classification of the tumor, according to the type of cell that determines so important to the decision taken by the processing cycle for a specific Bosartigkeit.inszenierung. An approach to describe and classify malignant tumours has been developed by the International Union against cancer (UICC) and the American Joint Committee on cancer (AJCC). It is expected that the classification of standardization and the staging of tumors, can the established treatment protocols and reports final results can be used to determine the effectiveness of the proposed treatment. If one considers that the classification of cancer refers to himself on the descriptions anatomical and histological tumor (see above), in a scene set refers to the size of the tumor. The three components of the intermediate system are the primary tumor (T), the regional lymph nodes (N) and metastasis (M). Indices can be used to describe the area around, is increased in hypercalcemia in size, the involvement of lymph node regional and metastatic development (see table). For example, a tumor can be called T1N2M0. The the human papilloma virus, this transmission sexually, proven to cause cancer of the cervix. It has many sexual partners and be sexually active before they see the chances of this disease. Furthermore that women, who have no children, or have demonstrated also, children, late in the life of an increased risk to both have ovaries and breast cancer. Finally died of colon cancer. Rather live with fear of cancer to develop, these people can choose, by their colons removed and reduced risk. ) and the PSA (prostate cancer) test. Tests for cancer of the breast, testicles, mouth, skin and can also help identify cancer before symptoms are worse. All four deaths in the United States heard cancer. It is only by heart disease as a cause of death in the Member States. About 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed; cancer each year more than 500,000 die each year from cancer. Most cancers is caused due to changes in the DNA of the cell, causing damage to the environment. Environmental factors that cause the original mutation in DNA are called carcinogens, and there are several types. The radiation destroys cancer cells. Radiation is used only in cases where the tumor surgery is not suitable. Most often used in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. The radiation can be external or internal. The radiation is external tumor controlled outside of the body. The internal radiation (also known as brachytherapy) is inserted into a radioactive form of granules or liquid substance in cancerous urban landscape with a pill, injection or the introduction in a tightly closed container. Cancer can attack anyone. Since the onset of the cancer increases with the age of the people, most of them see in middle-aged and older adults. Sixty percent of all cancers are diagnosed in people over 65 years of age or older. The most frequent tumors are skin, lung cancer. Retinoblastoma, a type of colon cancer and a type of cancer of the breast, the breast cancer, called can be demonstrated, linked to certain genes, are detected within a family. Therefore, it is possible to inherit genes that makes information on a person susceptible to certain types of cancer. Called with chemotherapy before surgery or radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a primary neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Is a benefit of chemotherapy neoadjuvant, because not exposed to drugs against cancer, cancer cells are particularly vulnerable. It can be used effectively, the size of the tumor by surgery or redirect to reduce radiation. However, the toxicity of neoadjuvant chemotherapy are serious. Alternatively, the body less tolerant to side effects of other treatments such as radiotherapy. The most common use of chemotherapy adjuvant therapy, improvement of the effectiveness of other treatments is given. For example, after surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy is to destroy cancer cells that remain in the body. In 2003, a new technique has been developed in order to facilitate the identification of drug compounds that are toxic to cancer cells, but not healthy cells. The technique has dug nine identified, including never before for use in the treatment of cancer has been determined. The development of new drugs began researchers. Life is the concept of risk, the use of researchers, referred to as the probability that an individual lifetime of cancer to develop or die from cancer. In the United States, men have both increased risk of cancer and for women, the risk is one of three. In general, African-Americans are more likely to get sick compared to whites. You are also cancer than white in 30% of African-Americans die. Regular professional mouth of health care and of the skin in the early stages can result in the detection of cancer of the breast, colon, rectum, cervix, prostate, testicles, language, testing, if the treatment is likely to be more successful. The tests are routine of the ACS-recommended tests. They are associated with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight from. It increases the incidence of cancer of the skin in people who appreciate having a deep Tan and a significant amount of time for leisure activities outside. Those whose work requires, are also at risk to be exposed to the Sun for a long time, as farmers.Being the easiest to prevent cancers, increased industry awareness and providing a safe working environment can reduce the incidence of many types of cancer. It is also necessary for workers to work with the Administration to reduce exposure to carcinogens must correspond to the rules of preventive measures.Ultimately, knowledge on risk factors of each person to the development of cancer and the decision of that person to cancer screening depends on the opportunity to avoid, habits and behaviors that predispose to the disease. It can also attend the review and monitoring of those who are known as the most vulnerable. There are some tumors that have a genetic basis. In other words, an individual, defective DNA may inherit from their parents, it arrange sick of cancer. Although it has been scientifically proven that the two factors (genetic and environmental), less than 10% of all cancers Cancer Free Nutrition are purely hereditary. Cancers that are known to have a hereditary link are breast cancer, colon cancer. An insidious disease, regulate the DNA mutations, the most important change roads that usually survive the homeostasis of tissue, cell and cancer cell death. The name comes from the appearance of the cut surface of a solid malignant tumor, with veins if extended on all sides as the animal the crab that has legs owes its name by which. Hippocrates first calls this name to describe certain types of cancer. tumors can be cured, but it is a big problem. There are some very nice videos here on the site that can give you a clue on this subject. Check here for li ^ :). Clinical outcome and future orientation and the probability of recovering from illness, forecasts, statistics often use doctors. Five-year survival rates are the current most commonly used measures. The number represents the percentage of people with cancer live for five years after the initial diagnosis, should be compared with a similar population that is free of cancer. It is important to note that while statistics can some information about the experience to be the median survival for patients with cancer in a given population, may be used for the individual forecast, there are no two patients are the same. intense, such as causal agents in the development of cancer for the efforts deployed over the past years of research were subjected to. Epidemiological evidence is stronger than a relationship. and cancer of the uterus. Certain physiological characteristics are inherited as well as genes could and can contribute to cancer. Heirs of the skin as a person does a plus to the development of skin cancer, but only if he or she has also extended to the rays of the Sun, intense exposure. likely to compromise their ability to distinguish the altruistic and even to attack and therefore not able to destroy malignant cells. If the immune response cancer suppress acts, it can have the result to destroy an overwhelming demand on the body, foreign cells that is ready at any time.Aging is another factor in the development of malignant tumours are taken into account. Although cancer at any age can occur, elderly people are more vulnerable, perhaps because their powers are weakened and adaptability by carcinogens and younger have been exposed. There are a number of other methods of treatment available for the person with cancer. Can be used in conjunction with, or separate, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Alternative treatment of cancer is a complex step and it should consult a qualified physician. (S) the cervical cancer and cancer of the vagina in a significant number of female offspring of women, to prevent the threat or the habitual abortion and premature birth, the emergence of led finally in 1940 the medication during pregnancy. As mentioned above. Female pelvic exam is to detect cancer of the ovaries, uterus, cervix and vagina used. Visual inspection, looking for the doctor to abnormal discharge or the presence of ulcers. Then the hands with your gloved of internal organs basin Palpates doctor as the uterus and the ovaries, to detect abnormal masses. Breast exam monitoring includes Visual, where the doctor is a measure of slope, deposits or discoloration. The doctor feels both breasts to feel lumps or masses. Signs of cancer. There are seven early signs of cancer (see table). This character does not mean that, but when they occur, you should cancer a doctor recommended queries and an investigation. Other signs and symptoms depend on the location and the type of malignancy are present. Viral therapy and medication, apoptosis or self-destruction of cancer cells, but not healthy of stimulated cells. However, to take these new therapies of many years of research and clinical trials. a, C and E, as well as along as Dithiolthiones and contain broccoli, protect the cauliflower and cabbage and beta carotene in carrots found proven against cancer. Studies show that a diet rich in reducing the risk of colon cancer in fiber found in fruit and vegetables. In a healthy person, the neoplastic cells identify the immune system and destroy them before they have a chance to share. However, some escape mutant cells immune recognition and can survive cancer or tumors. Cancer is not a disease, but a large group of about 100 diseases. The two main features migrate and transmitted to remote locations the uncontrolled growth of cells in the human body and the ability of these cells from the original site. If the spread is not controlled, it can cause cancer. The treatment of cancer can take many forms and is always adapted to each patient. The decision on the type of treatment is better suited on the nature and location of the tumor, to what extent it already has spread to the patient's age, sex, overall health and personal treatment settings. The main types of treatment are surgery, radiation therapy. Palliative surgery aims the symptoms, not the cancer to treat. Normally in this case the tumor is so large, or has even have spread if the tumour removed over is not an option. For example, a tumor in the abdomen can be so great, that you can press on and part of the intestine is blocked, pain and vomiting disturb caused digestion. Remove the laryngeal Debulking surgery part of the blockade and relieve the symptoms. At the extraction of tumor hormone-dependent organs that secrete hormones is an option. Cancer of the prostate, testosterone by the testes release stimulates the growth of cancer cells such as patients. Then, a man can suffer from an orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) to slow the progression of the disease. As an aggressive cancer of the breast, ovarian ablation type (, several types of cancer were diagnosed in 1998 to 1 million as a result of excessive exposure to ultraviolet light from the rays of the Sun the skin.) Prevention. Because environmental conditions play an important role in the etiology of many types of cancer, to carcinogens to identify prevention, awareness of the public on their subject, their avoidance. Just as important, if not more, for the detection of etiological factors related to lifestyle and habits. Perhaps the best example of this is the relationship between. Several studies have shown that there is a link between asbestos and cancer. Chlorination of water can represent a small increase in the risk of cancer. Book, but the greatest danger of contamination to the leakage of dangerous chemicals in the environment of industrial environment. It is estimated that 1% of deaths from cancer due to the pollution of air, land and water. The radio-oncologist is specialized in the use of radiation to treat cancer and diagnosis of surgical oncologist or cancer treatment performs the necessary operations. Oncologists of OB/GYN and pediatric oncologists, by titles, are physicians for the treatment of cancer in women and children, or involved. Many other specialists may be included also in the care of a cancer patient. X is specialized radiologists, for example, in the use of radiation, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and other imaging techniques used to diagnose cancer. Specialized medical blood diseases and cancer of the blood and bone marrow cancers are consulted. The samples have been removed, sent by biopsy to a lab, where a pathologist examines to determine the type of cancer and the severity of the disease. Already addressed some of the professionals, who was with the treatment of cancer. There are many other specialties and almost any kind of medical or surgical specialists can join in the care of patients, cancer should be necessary. It plays an important role in the transmission of the genetic information of the cell and then facilitates the reproduction of the Krebszellen.Die the incidence of cancer among certain populations suggests that other factors in their development are important. You know, for example, that certain families show a high incidence of tumors among its members, but there is no reason to exact heritage. There's also a high incidence of cancer in humans, to obtain drugs. No forecast for the treatment of cancer tool is where a malignant tumor in the terms are based on its size and its location in the body of the patient. A. There are more than 200 different types of cancer. Cancer can develop in any organ of the body. There are more than 60 different organs in the body, where you can get cancer. Each body is composed of different types of tissues. For example, there is usually a surface of skin or epithelial tissue cover. Below, there are some connective tissue, often contains glandular cells. Among them there is often a layer of muscle tissue and so on. Each type of fabric is composed of specific types of cells. Cancer can become any type of cell in the body. So it is almost always more than a type of cancer that can develop in any organ. Malignant tumor of origin of hypercalcemia, embryo, defined by Clark Jr. as a WH ' … cells abnormal show preferably without time limits of growth of normal cells (ever the number of cells in the population). These abnormal cells invade surrounding tissue, by at least a basement membrane zone, grows in the mesenchyme on the main site and can be played for metastasis to distant places. It is the whole of the property, which determines whether a particular, named offence such as cancer. You will find below. According to estimates by the American Cancer Society (ACS), about 40% of cancer deaths were in 1998 due to excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco. More than a third of the deaths have been associated with the diet and the classification. Cancers are classified according to two factors: the type of the fabric and the type of cell in which they occur. This classification system to identify more than 150 types of cancer in humans. In the classification of cancer depends on the type of fabric being developed further, there are two main groups. Bone marrow is the tissue inside the bone cavity contains hematopoietic cells. Constantly healthy marrow tissue perfusion is fulfilled and is essential to life. Sometimes, the amount of drugs or cancer radiotherapy destroying cells and also destroys the bone marrow. This replacement of negative effect of the bone marrow with healthy cells. A bone marrow transplant is the removal of bone marrow by a single person and transplantation of hematopoietic cells to the same person or another person. Bone marrow transplant, it is not a therapy in itself, is often used for patients, people with cancer to take an aggressive treatment to save. ,,.