Oil Rig Jobs Alaska Salary

As with Derrick operators, jerk not all wins are typical salaries. The BLS reported that 10% of rogue $53.170 annual or acquired it in the year 2013, while 10% had won $22.850 or less. Among the States, Lout in Alaska has earned the highest average salary $48.370 per year. Mountain at $46.570 per year, followed by North Dakota with $44.290 qualified second. The State has paid $34.010 annually on average with more jobs, Texas practice work experience. Some workers, the various tasks on oil platforms. Derrick Derrick platform operators and land oil equipment to retrieve, while that Lout installation and repair of the platform for the operation of the equipment. As their jobs are different, they also make your salary. General Derrick operators earn one salary greater than Patan, but the salaries of both works fall within a wide range. Oil rig job description does not stop at the bridge as an extremely important player for soft drilling and furniture equipment. Hungry farmers should give the kitchen Manager of food and cooks around the clock.If you have experience in any of these positions or an oil rig, clear, they are still vacant in this area! -steward and stewardess: clean, kitchen, laundry and room 45 K $- head: Organization and preparing meals for the team, $ 59 K - night Baker: bread for the next day, $59 K - camp leader: clean and is responsible for the restoration of the levels of platform installation $63KThese and agreement to vary their level of experience. However, Oil Rig Jobs Alaska Salary these positions compared to similar works of the continent are very rentables.Combler a position directly through the application of the food. These works seem to impressive.as paid enough, so you can enjoy a decent life requires no experience. Electricians in router HoustonCNC. ,,.